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Bar and Restaurant Owners: Don’t Pour March Profits down the Drain!

Bar Saint Patrick's Day

If you’re a bar or restaurant owner, you know how busy March can get, with March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, and the start of spring all contributing to a breakout month on the bar scene.

The problem is you could be pouring a significant portion of your March profits down the drain if you use a conventional tap system. Over-pours, spillage, theft, and giveaways combine to cost you about half an ounce of beer or liquor for every liter your servers dispense – which doesn’t sound like a lot until you consider the thousands of pours they make during the course of a year.

The good news is you can eliminate most of that waste and get perfect pours and mixes every time with every server when you install state-of-the-art Berg Liquor Control System.

Choose a Berg Liquor Control System and you will enjoy these benefits and more:

  • More profitability – When it comes to dispensing liquor, less (waste) is more (profitable).
  • Better portion control – Consistent pours mean increased customer satisfaction and repeat customers.
  • Greater access control – in a Berg system, liquor is secured in a locked room, and all beer is dispensed through a controlled faucet attached to a locked cooler.
  • More accountability – With a Berg system, every poured drink is recorded, which eliminates giveaways and prevents unauthorized pouring.

Irish Carbonic: Your source for expert Berg Liquor Control System installations

Irish Carbonic features, installs, and maintains the full line of Berg Liquor Control Systems, including:

  • Berg All-Bottle Brand ID
  • Berg All-Bottle ID Cocktailing
  • Berg Dispenser Network™ and Berg Dispenser Manager™ Software
  • Berg Laser Touch
  • Merlin Wireless

If you’re ready for a 21st century tap upgrade for your bar or restaurant, Berg’s the way to go.

Want to make informed inventory decisions, control costs, and improve profitability at your Rochester- or Buffalo-area restaurant or bar this spring? Install a Berg Liquor Control System. Call the pros at Irish Carbonic to get a FREE, no obligation estimate on one today!

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