Mix Gases

Blended gas solutions for your Buffalo or Rochester bar or restaurant

If you serve stout or many types of craft beer at your Rochester- or Buffalo-area bar, pub, or restaurant, you know that presentation – a good pour – is everything to your customers. The key to that perfect pour is proper carbonation, using a blend of gasses the brewer had in mind when he crafted the beer in the first place.

At Irish Carbonic, we’ll make sure you get the right gas blend – and that perfect pour – every time you open your tap.

Gas blends – the key to a good pour

Not all beer is carbonated using carbon dioxide (CO2) alone – some varieties need to use a carefully measured combination of CO2 and nitrogen (N) to achieve the thick, creamy, and tight-knit foam they’re known for (CO2/N blends are also sometimes used to propel traditional lagers and ales through a draft beer system).

By taking into account the pressure requirements of your beer system, the properties of the beers you serve and the intentions and specifications of the brew master, our technicians will make sure your customers get high quality, great looking, and great tasting beer every time you serve them.

Cylinders and on-site blending solutions available

Irish Carbonic offers mixed gas cylinders and onsite gas blending solutions for your beverage-serving business. We’ll install and maintain your blended gas system regularly, making sure it works the way it should night after night though your busy seasons. As always, we’re available where and when you need us for adjustments and refills.

The typical gas blend ratio for “beer gas” (also called “Guinness gas”, which is appropriate for most stouts) in a mixed blend cylinder is 25 percent CO2 to 75 percent nitrogen; a 60 percent CO2 / 40 percent N blend is also available.

Please note: 25/75 mixed gas cylinders are not recommended for use with ales and lagers, since the low partial pressure of CO2 will cause flatness. For various technical reasons – including safety concerns – mixed blend cylinders in other gas ratios are uncommon and not recommended for serving these two categories of beer; an onsite blending solution is best.

Want to make sure you serve the perfect pour every time? Get the perfect gas blend solution from Irish Carbonic. Contact us today to learn more!

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