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Irish Carbonic is your dry ice dealer for Rochester, Buffalo, and Western New York

dry ice

Dry ice is a pretty cool product — literally (actually, it’s downright cold, at -109.3°F). It will keep your food fresh during a power outage, freeze floor tiles for easy removal and even keep the moths out of your closet!

Irish Carbonic has all the dry ice you need to tackle any of those projects and much more, ready for pickup or delivery for your personal or business use.

Here in Buffalo, Rochester, and around Western New York, industries that use dry ice include medical facilities, cryotherapy facilities, food production facilities, commercial kitchens, logistics and shipping firms, and supermarkets. It is also used for entertainment, helping to add a dramatic aesthetic at parties and weddings or to create a spooky atmosphere at Halloween.

Dry ice facts

Dry ice is the solidified form of carbon dioxide (CO2) — a natural gas found in our atmosphere. It is exhaled from us every time we breathe and is used by plants during photosynthesis. At its incredibly low temperature, dry ice does not melt the way regular ice does. Instead, it sublimates directly from a solid to a gas form! Learn more.

Dry ice uses

There’s more to dry ice than keeping things cold. Did you know that dry ice could be used to trap mosquitoes or to slow hair loss after a cycle of chemotherapy? It can also be used for environmentally friendly industrial and medical cleaning. Find out more.

Dry ice sales

Irish Carbonic can deliver dry ice to you in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as 1/8-inch-diameter rice pellets, 9/16-inch-diameter nuggets or 10-inch solid cubes. We offer quick delivery anywhere you need it, or if desired, for your convenience, we have pick-up available. Regardless of the form or the quantity required, we’ve got all your dry ice needs covered! Learn more.

Dry ice safety

With the proper safety and handling precautions, dry ice is safe to use, ship and handle. We make sure that you know dry ice safety best practices. Find out more.


Get the dry ice you need in any form or quantity—delivered when and where you need it or available for convenient pick-up at our Buffalo and Rochester locations. Contact us today to learn more!

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