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Irish Carbonic has the dry ice you need when you need it!

Dry ice sales and service

Are you looking for a way to keep food cold on a camping trip? Planning a fresh-food mail-order start-up and need a way to ship your gourmet delights to customers? Want to set up the coolest Halloween display in the neighborhood?

There are many important and surprising uses for dry ice in your home or business—and one place to get all the dry ice you need: Irish Carbonic.

We sell quantities of dry ice ranging from individual portions of dry ice rice pellets to massive 10,000-pound commercial deliveries in block form.

Whether you want to pick it up at our Buffalo and Rochester locations or have it delivered directly to your home or commercial address, we’ll make sure you get the dry ice you need!

Dry ice supplier for Rochester and Buffalo

With our extensive experience in working with businesses in the Rochester and Buffalo areas, Irish Carbonic offers personalized dry ice service that can’t be beaten!

There is a large hospitality and tourism industry here in Western New York, and many businesses rely on dry ice, such as restaurants, commercial kitchens, breweries, and brewpubs.

Dry ice is also an essential supply for medical facilities. It’s used in cryotherapy applications for procedures such as removing warts, moles, and precancerous skin lesions. It is also needed for keeping vaccines, organs, blood cells, tissue samples, and other biological materials preserved at a safe temperature.

For an efficient and eco-friendly cleaning solution, you can rely on dry ice blast-cleaning to get the job done. It’s a powerful method for deep-cleaning industrial machinery quickly and easily.

Businesses trust dry ice to keep their perishable products safe and at the optimal temperature during shipping and delivery, saving them from having to deal with any potential damage or mess caused by traditional ice packs and gel packs, which tend to melt.

Types of dry ice available

The versatility of dry ice and its applications means that more than one form of it is necessary. Irish Carbonic carries several types of dry ice to meet the needs of businesses in the Greater Rochester and Buffalo areas.

We offer:

Dry ice block

Dry ice blocks (10″ cube)

  • used primarily in frozen food applications
  • available in half and quarter blocks or sliced to specifications
  • available wrapped in poly or brown craft paper

Dry ice nuggets

Dry ice nuggets (9/16″ diameter)

  • good for frozen food applications
  • can be used for storing and shipping laboratory specimens
  • useful for meat processing and flash freezing

Dry ice rice pellets (1/8″ diameter)

  • used with dry ice blasting equipment for cleaning
  • available wrapped in poly or brown craft paper

How long does dry ice last?

Here is one of the dry ice’s biggest advantages over conventional water-based ice and gel packs.

Ten pounds of dry ice lasts for 24 hours in a standard cooler. Outdoors, it would last between 3 and 5 hours—and then up to 45 minutes as a liquid. These times can vary a great deal depending on factors such as the size of the dry ice block and the quality of the cooler.

Tips for maximizing the life expectancy of your dry ice include:

  • use a well-insulated, pre-chilled quality cooler
  • purchase your dry ice as close as possible to when you will be using it
  • use the largest bricks possible to lengthen the time before sublimation
  • keep water away from the dry ice

Get the dry ice you need—anytime, in any form or quantity—from the source for dry ice in the Buffalo and Rochester areas: Irish Carbonic. Contact us to learn more or stop by one of our locations to pick up yours today!

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