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Flowers? Boring. How about Some Helium Balloons for Your Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day heart balloons

Sure, roses are nice. Diamonds, too. But if you really want to make your love feel like a kid again, nothing does it better than room full of balloons – and nothing will make that happen faster than a helium tank rental from Irish Carbonic.

Rent a helium tank from us and you can bring the festive joy of balloons to your private rendezvous or Valentine’s Day shindig (or your anti-Valentine’s Day party, for the tainted among you). Imagine the impression you will make with a dozens or even hundreds of those floating red and silver expressions of love!

Filling balloons with helium yourself will always cost less – usually a lot less – than buying pre-filled balloons. In fact, if you are into celebrations, you might even invest in your own refillable helium tank (we do helium tank refills, too).

Our helium rental tanks come in several sizes (see below) and are easy to operate and transport. Helium is perfectly safe, too, since it’s a non-toxic and inert gas that will never, ever explode. Just follow a few simple instructions and you’ll always stay safe!

How big a helium tank will I need?

Ready to party down with Cupid? Here’s what you will need to make your balloon fantasy a reality:

Tank Size Number of balloons
9″ 10″ 11″ 12″ 14″
50 cu. ft. 170 150 100 85 50
80 cu. ft. 280 150 130 95 80
120 cu. ft. 390 370 240 225 120
195cu. ft. 721 650 390 375 195
213cu. ft. 788 710 426 409 213
242cu. ft. 895 806 484 465 242
285cu. ft. 1,054 995 570 548 285

We rent helium tank accessories, too

Need more than just a helium tank? No problem! We also rent mylar balloon regulators, helium tank protective covers, and other helium tank accessories. Contact us for details.

Spread the love with helium balloons this Valentine’s Day! Contact us today for anything you need in helium tank rental within our Buffalo or Rochester service areas.

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