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Add Dry Ice to Your Halloween Celebration

Have a more entertaining Halloween with dry ice

dry ice service new yorkHalloween is just around the corner. If you’re looking to add more flair to your decorations and make your house one of the coolest in the neighborhood, why not add dry ice to your Halloween celebration? Dry ice is inexpensive and easy to use if you follow some simple safety precautions.

Uses for dry ice this Halloween

There are lots of ways to incorporate dry ice into your Halloween celebration this year. It’s great for adding spooky special effects to your decorations. Here are some ideas:

  • Use dry ice to add fog to a graveyard scene.
  • Use dry ice to make a witch’s cauldron appear to be smoking.
  • Add dry ice to your jack-o’-lantern for an extra eerie effect.
  • Add flair to your punch bowl or make some smoking hot chocolate with dry ice.

Click here for some step-by-step instructions that will take you Halloween party to the next level.

Whether you live in central New York or western New York, make Irish Carbonic your dry ice supplier. We’ll help you calculate exactly how much dry ice you’ll need and give you tips for making it last as long as possible.

Convenient pick-up or delivery

Irish Carbonic supplies dry ice for personal and commercial use. You can arrange to have your dry ice delivered to your home or business, or you can come and pick it up. At Irish Carbonic, we offer a variety of dry ice products and services. We also sell dry ice in diferent sizes:

  • 10” cube blocks
  • 9/16” diameter nuggets
  • 1/8” diameter rice pellets

Use dry ice after Halloween

Dry ice isn’t just a novelty item. It has a lot of practical uses. It’s commonly used to ship frozen food or medical products. So even once Halloween is over, you’ll find it useful when you’re shipping perishables to friends and family or looking to keep food cold on a camping trip. Dry ice can also do some nifty things in your home. Dry ice can help your plants grow, repel mosquitoes in your back yard, and remove old tile flooring. You can also use dry ice to make bubbly ice cream, carbonated fruit drinks, and homemade root beer.

Get the dry ice you need just the way you need it from Irish Carbonic. We’ll deliver your order when and where you want it or make it available for pick-up at either our Buffalo or Rochester location. Contact us today to learn more!

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