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Where Did Carbonated Beverages Start?

about fizzy drinks new yorkWho doesn’t enjoy a fizzy drink?

From cold brews and refreshing sparkling water to delicious sodas and juices, we Americans love our carbonated beverages. But who first thought of the idea of putting some POP in our pop?

Actually, the carbonation process was first “invented” (more accurately “discovered,” since it happened quite by accident) by a man named Joseph Priestley in England in 1767. Priestly described the “peculiar satisfaction” he found in drinking his first bubbly brew, later publishing a paper called “Impregnating Water with Fixed Air.

The commercial carbonation process would take decades to perfect: finally, in 1786 in Switzerland, Jacob Schweppes developed a process to manufacture bottled carbonated mineral water based on the discovery of Priestley, founding the Schweppes Company in 1783.

It would be another 50 years before carbonated beverages were first bottled for sale, which also marked the time when companies began adding flavoring to their carbonated drinks. Once this happened, flavored carbonated beverages became a mainstay in Western culture and the drink of choice of many consumers.

Other Fun Carbonation Facts

  • Originally, carbonated beverages were only stored in bottles, because cans would explode when left in storage.
  • In the United States, carbonated water was known as soda water until World War II, due to the sodium salts it contained. During the Great Depression, it was sometimes called “two cents plain” – a reference to its being the cheapest drink at soda fountains.
  • The term seltzer water derives from the German town of Selters – a location known for its mineral springs.
  • Interestingly, few guidelines for ideal levels of carbonation exist. Sodas tend to be highly carbonated – sparkling drinks and champagnes less so.

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