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How Long Does Dry Ice Last?

And Other Frequently Asked Questions

dry ice new york There are both fun and practical ways to use dry ice. And dry ice is relatively inexpensive. Looking for a dry ice dealer? Look no further than Irish Carbonic. At Irish Carbonic, we offer a variety of dry ice products and services. We also sell dry ice in different sizes:

  • 10” cube blocks (sliced to your specifications and wrapped in poly or craft paper)
  • 9/16” diameter nuggets
  • 1/8” diameter rice pellets (available wrapped in poly or craft paper)

What Is Dry Ice?

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide (CO₂)—a gas that occurs naturally in the earth’s atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is the gas that we exhale when we breathe, and that plants use in photosynthesis.

With a temperature of an incredible -109.3°F, dry ice does not melt like frozen water will. Instead, it transitions directly from a solid to a gas in a process called sublimation.

Dry ice is widely used because it is simple to freeze and easy to handle using insulated gloves. Since it does not leave a liquid residue and is extremely cold, it is ideal for keeping items frozen.

How Long Does Dry Ice Last?

If packed the right way, dry ice can last for a surprisingly long time—much longer than traditional ice. How long it lasts depends primarily on how it’s stored and the size of the brick. For example, an average five-pound brick of dry ice that isn’t broken into smaller pieces will last as follows:

  • Up to 24 hours in a cooler
  • Up to 5 hours outdoors
  • Up to 45 minutes in liquid

Said another way, stored properly, dry ice sublimates (turns from a solid to a gas) at a rate of roughly 5 to 10 pounds every 24 hours. That also means that once you’re done with your dry ice, the best way to dispose of it is to put it in a bucket of water outside in a well-ventilated area. NEVER keep dry ice in an air-tight container!

How Is Dry Ice Used?

Dry ice isn’t just a novelty item for film sets or Halloween displays. It also has a lot of fun and practical uses you can take advantage of. You can use it when shipping perishables to friends and family or to keep your food cold for a picnic or camping trip. Dry ice can also do some cool things around your New York home.

Here are some household uses for dry ice:

  • Bait and trap insects like bedbugs, mosquitoes, and moths.
  • Fix dents in your vehicle.
  • Flash freeze fish and other food items.
  • Make your own carbonated drinks.
  • Preserve your food during a power outage.
  • Remove old floor tiles.

How Much Dry Ice Do You Need?

Not sure how much dry ice you need? Don’t worry. The pros at Irish Carbonic will help you calculate exactly how much dry ice you’ll need for your project and give you tips on how to make it last for as long as possible.

We sell quantities of dry ice ranging from individual portions of dry ice rice pellets to massive 10,000-pound commercial deliveries in block form.

Convenient Pick-up or Delivery

If you live in Central or Western New York, you can arrange to have your dry ice delivered to your home or business or come and pick it up in Buffalo or Rochester.

Get the dry ice you need just the way you need it from Irish Carbonic. We’ll deliver your order when and where you want it or make it available for pick-up.

Contact Irish Carbonic today to learn more!

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