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How Much Dry Ice Do I Need for Halloween?

Dry ice for Halloween new york

If you really want to up the ante on your Halloween displays and parties, there’s nothing better than creating creepy, foggy effects with dry ice. But how much dry ice will you need for this year’s holiday spooktacular, and how do you make that fog effect last as long as possible?

Tips For Dry Ice Shopping

Based on our experience, you can make a two-pound block of dry ice produce fog for about 20 minutes by following these four tips:

  1. Use the right water-to-dry ice proportions – Aim to combine dry ice with water at a ratio of about one gallon of water to two pounds of dry ice. Use a thick, rectangular chunk of dry ice, and put it in a bowl large enough so that the water submerges the dry ice to a depth of about half an inch.
  2. Use a deep bowl – Ideally, you want a thick, plastic bowl at least three times as deep as the dry ice block you’re using. A deep bowl will allow fog to gather before it spreads, which will generate a fog with a relatively uniform thickness.
  3. Use a small fan – Dry ice fog effects will start to dissipate about two to three feet from the bowl; to extend that range and direct the fog, use a small fan on a low setting.
  4. Recycle the water – If you want the dry ice effect to last, keep refreshing the water; stagnant water will not stay carbonated – the key to a great and lasting fog effect.

It is important to note that although the fog is just water and C02, you should always allow for adequate ventilation when using dry ice in general, and particularly for fog effects. And, as always, follow your dry ice safe handling instructions!

Be the ghostess with the mostest this Halloween – stop in and stock up on dry ice for your Halloween party at our convenient store locations! Contact us today to learn more.

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