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Quality Dry Ice: A Key To Cold Chain Food Safety

dry ice for food safety new yorkToday’s headlines feature some frightening stories about food handling – whether we’re reading about recalls on chicken, salmonella or E. Coli scares, or even tainted pet food.

You might ask why we’re talking about safe food handling on an Irish Carbonic blog (it’s a fair question, after all). The answer comes down to two words: dry ice.

If your business operates in the food manufacturing and processing industries, you’re constantly shuttling food in and out of food plants, and much of that movement is done via a cold chain that’s kept that way using dry ice and dry ice containers.

Dry Ice And Food Safety

If that’s true for you, it’s critical to always do three things:

  • Strictly follow FDA guidance and regulations – Information about food safety programs, manufacturing processes, industry systems, and import/export activities can be found on the U.S. FDA website.
  • Use high-quality dry ice – Always use impurity-free dry ice for jobs that include a food production or food-handling component. The best way to ensure that you have top-quality dry ice? Buy it from Irish Carbonic.
  • Clean your dry ice containers and food production equipment regularly – Daily maintenance is the key reducing bacterial or fungal cells and preventing them from moving among your facilities. If you need dry ice containers for your food handling facility, give us a call – we’re help you source them.

Irish Carbonic sells quantities of dry ice ranging from individual portions of dry ice rice pellets to massive 10,000-pound commercial deliveries in block form – available for pickup or convenient delivery to your location. Contact us today to learn more!

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