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Saints and Madness: Is Your Bar Ready for March?

Giving a toast

March is a big month for beer drinkers – and bar owners. Are your beer lines and taps up to the challenge of pumping out consistently crisp cold ones through the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four, and championship game – or for the long day and night of St. Patty’s Day celebrations (be ready: it’s on a Friday this year!)?

Make sure they are with expert beer line cleaning from Irish Carbonic.

Our 10-point beer line cleaning system will virtually eliminate microorganism buildup and mineral deposits. The result? Clean, crisp, delicious tap pours every time, with just the right amount of CO2 fizz.

Our Beer Division Experts will:

  • Flush your beer lines with biodegradable cleaning solution
  • Rinse your beer lines with fresh water
  • Clean each tap faucet and its surrounding area
  • Check all connections and fittings
  • Check your walk-in cooler temperature
  • Check your glycol temperature and level
  • Check all pressure settings
  • Clean your glycol chiller condensers
  • Ensure that your beer is pouring correctly
  • Provide 24/7/365 service and assistance

Blended gas also available

Stouts are huge on St. Patricks’ Day – and you will need the perfect blend of CO2 and nitrogen to get the perfect pour (don’t worry, we’ll make it happen for you). If you serve nitro beers, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered there, too, with mixed gas cylinders and onsite gas blending solutions for your beverage-serving business.

Keep the crowds cheering with perfect pours from clean beer lines – courtesy of the beer line pros at Irish Carbonic. Contact us today for details.

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