Three Questions to Ask a Prospective Propane Supplier

If you’re looking for a new propane supplier, you’ll find there is no shortage of options to choose from. The question is, how do you separate the good from the not-so-good candidates?

Here are three key questions for your propane supplier-to-be to help you make your decision:

Three Questions

  1. Do you have any fees or incentives for new customers? – Some suppliers add a big mark-up to your propane and hide it as a surcharge in your delivery fee. Others go the opposite direction and offer great introductory price, only to raise it once you’re a committed customer. We think both are wrong.

    With Irish Propane, you’ll get guaranteed fair and honest pricing every day, on every gallon of propane you ever get from us – no tricks and no BS.

  2. What other services do you provide besides propane delivery? – A propane discounter may offer low prices on propane – but what else are they giving you? Do they offer exceptional customer service? What about convenient ways to make your bill paying easier and less stressful?

    Irish Propane does. From our convenient Budget Payment Plan to there-whenever-you-need-us support, we’ll give you everything you need to stay warm, calm, and comfortable all winter long.

  3. Will you help me manage my propane usage? – Your life is busy enough without having to worry about looking at a propane fuel gauge or remembering to schedule a propane gas delivery – but many propane suppliers, that’s exactly what you’ll have to do. They’ll simply come when you call – except when you don’t, at which point you’ll pay for emergency delivery and a propane system re-start.

    But that won’t be a problem with Irish Propane – just sign up for FREE automatic delivery and let us take care of all those hassles.

Looking for more reasons to become an Irish Propane customer? Call us today and learn why you should join the Irish Propane family!

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