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Nitrogen Beer: What Every Restaurant Owner Should Know

Nitrogen beer new york

If you’re a bar or restaurant owner, you have probably heard about or even considered adding nitro taps as demand for complex and flavorful craft brews continues to grow.

But how much do you know about nitrogen beers and the qualities that set them apart from other brews? Here’s a nitro beer Q&A to get you started.

What is “nitro beer”?

The term “nitro” refers to nitrogen – the gas used to carbonate certain kinds of craft beers. Most nitrogen beers contain a mix of gases – typically 30 percent carbon dioxide and 70 percent nitrogen. One distinguishing characteristic of a nitro brew is its distinctive head – the result of nitrogen’s inability to dissolve in liquid (Guinness – an Irish Stout – is perhaps the most well-known nitro brew).

What nitro beer varieties are available?

Most of the nitro beers available today tend to be malt heavy stouts and porters rather than IPAs, because nitrogen typically responds better to grain-based brewing. But that is starting to change as brewers search for new and exciting ways to create products that will stand out from the crowd. Cream ales, nitro IPAs, and double altbeirs have recently started to become more commonplace.

What do I need to add to my bar if I want to offer nitro brews?

If you’re considering adding a nitro tap to your bar, you will need to invest in three things: a system to deliver blended nitrogen gas, a creamer faucet ( a specialized tap for nitrogen beer) and glassware made for nitro brew pours. The spout of a creamer faucet includes hundreds of small holes that filter the beer as it pours, creating the creamy, thick head your customers are looking for.

Spread the word with TapHunter

If you choose to jump into the world of nitrogen beer, be sure to spread the word to your customers so they can get their unique nitro brew experience from you rather than your competitors in the months and years to come. Registering with a beer-hunting app like TapHunter is a great way to get on the map (literally!) with beer connoisseurs in Buffalo, Rochester, and beyond!

Ready to jump into nitro beer crafting for your bar or restaurant? The beer experts at Irish Carbonic can help, with custom nitrogen tap installations, blended gas cylinders and onsite gas blending solutions, and ongoing beer tap maintenance services once your system is up and running. Contact us to learn more, or to request a FREE, no obligation estimate on a nitrogen beer tap installation today!

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