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Two Questions to Ask Your CO2 Supplier If You Serve Beverages

Soda CO2

Do you know what grade of CO2 gas you’re receiving from your current supplier? Consider the following chart:

CO2 Purity by grade

Research 99.999
Supercritical Fluid 99.998
Laser 99.95
Anaerobic 99.95
Beverage 99.9
Food 99.9
Bone dry 99.8
Medical 99.5
Industrial 99.5

The biggest difference between the grades are the amounts and kinds of impurities that are allowable in the CO2. As you go up the list, the allowable percentage of ammonia, benzene, oxygen, carbon monoxide, and other impurities decreases.

A grading of 99.9 percent purity for beverage grade CO2 (a standard set by the International Society of Beverage Technologists, or ISBT) is now mandated by the Food and Drug Administration – and if you own a restaurant, bar, brewpub, stadium, or any other establishment that serves beverages, chances are you’ll be required to start using it very soon (if you aren’t already).

If you are currently receiving CO2 from a supplier (or are looking for a supplier for your new venture), there are two questions you need to ask:

  1. What grade/purity CO2 are you delivering to me?
  2. Can you provide me with a certificate that states the purity?

Make sure your gas provider can not only answer those questions immediately, but can also demonstrate the gas quality as well.

Irish Carbonic: your beverage-grade CO2 specialists

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We feature:

  • Tank sizes to fit your usage
  • Expert tech support
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