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What Are The Uses of Bulk CO2?

beverage co2 new york There are a lot of things that contribute to keeping a business up and running. For one, you need a reliable staff and team. Oftentimes you need an office space or a storefront. And sometimes you need bulk CO2.

How Businesses Us CO2

Without bulk CO2 certain companies and businesses such as restaurants, breweries, greenhouses, cannabis businesses and water treatment facilities could not stay afloat.

For example, restaurants that offer carbonated beverages such as sodas or craft beers would not be able to do so without bulk beverage CO2 giving these drinks the bubbles they need to taste good and refreshing.

CO2 can be frozen and made into dry ice. That dry ice can be used for a variety of things including cryogenic blasting to transporting food and beverages.

The gas can also be used for fighting fires. Firefighters use CO2 to “choke” a fire. Essentially, the gas decreases the amount of oxygen that’s in the air surrounding a fire, which controls the flames.

Additionally, CO2 is used as an insufflation gas in minimally invasive medical procedures such as arthroscopy, endoscopy and laparoscopy.

For any business that relies on growing plants, such as the cannabis industry, CO2 is a necessity. CO2 uses energy from the sunlight to synthesize carbohydrates from carbon dioxide. This process, known as “photosynthesis”, is essential for plant growth.

The Demand For CO2

Because there is such a wide variety of ways that you can use CO2, the demand for the gas has increased. As a business owner, you don’t want to be in a position where you can’t get your hands CO2 so it is important to have a bulk CO2 supplier who you can count on. That is where Irish Carbonic comes in.

Irish Carbonic & Bulk CO2

The expert technicians at Irish Carbonic will partner with you and your business for all your bulk CO2 needs. We will make sure all your bulk CO2 needs are met so that you can operate efficiently and effectively and we will do it at a fair price. We work hand in hand with business design consultants to figure out the best way to incorporate CO2 equipment into your space. Whatever your bulk CO2 needs may be, Irish Carbonic can deliver.

We are reliable and go above and beyond to fulfill all CO2 orders at the exact time they are needed even when the gas is in high demand and there’s a shortage. Here at Irish Carbonic, we pride ourselves on personalization and are constantly striving to offer faster and more convenient services.

Irish Carbonic’s CO2 Services

Irish Carbonic provides a wide variety of CO2 products and services including:

  • CO2 tanks and tank refills
  • Planning services with our expert technicians to define your exact CO2 needs
  • Bulk beverage-grade CO2 for restaurants and bars

The expert technicians at Irish Carbonic happily provide customers in New York (in and around Buffalo and Rochester) and Ohio (in and around Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Dayton) with bulk CO2 and CO2 services.

Our women-owned business wants to partner with you for all your CO2 needs. Contact us today for a complimentary, obligation-free estimate on CO2 delivery and services for your business.

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