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Why Use a Cannabis Extraction Machine? 

Cannabis & CO2

why co2 extraction new yorkIn March of 2021, cannabis became legal for adults over the age of 21 in New York state. Entrepreneurs throughout the region have since taken advantage of the opportunity to enter the world of cannabis cultivation and production.

If your business is in or near Buffalo, New York, or Rochester, New York, Irish Carbonic provides bulk carbon dioxide services that can help you succeed in the cannabis industry.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an important component of greenhouses, and Irish Carbonic is a supplier who can support you at every phase of your company’s life cycle. Our technicians and staff can provide the CO2 supplies and expertise to keep your venture running like clockwork.

Cannabis Extraction

Being in the cannabis business isn’t limited to growing marijuana for medical or recreational use. The products developed from cannabis extraction account for more than 50% of all cannabis sales.

What is cannabis extraction? It’s the conversion of raw materials in the cannabis plant (e.g., CBD, THC and cannabinoids) into a useable form. It is a multistep process:

  1. Primary extraction: The cannabinoids and terpenes are separated from unwanted plant matter.
  2. Refining the extracted materials.
  3. Purifying the extracted materials.

The products made from cannabis extraction (also called concentrates) include CBD oil tinctures and capsules, lotions, skin care products, gummies, and pet products.

The Benefits of CO2 Extraction

CO2 offers certain advantages over other methods of cannabis extraction:

  • You’ll save money. It’s more cost-effective. Because you don’t need to use compressed flammable gases like butane or propane, your facility costs are lower.
  • You’ll simplify your process. You also won’t need the additional steps of distillation or purging that you would if you were using butane, propane, or other materials such as ethanol or alcohol mixtures.
  • You’ll get a higher yield. The amount of product you’re able to extract tends to be higher using CO2 versus other fuels.
  • It’s cleaner. The CO2 bubbles away once the extraction is done and leaves nothing behind. Your product will also be purer and cleaner because you aren’t using solvents.
  • It’s better for your plants. CO2 extraction is performed at temperatures more favorable to your cannabis plants versus other methods that use more heat. So thermal degradation to both the plant and the end product will be dramatically minimized.
  • It’s greener. Using CO2 is more environmentally friendly than other methods of extraction. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has approved CO2 as safe for industrial extractions.
  • It’s sanitary. Using CO2 for extractions kills microbial bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Choose the Irish Way

When you trust your cannabis operation to Irish Carbonic, you get reliability, personalization, and expertise. We are proud to be a fourth-generation, family-owned, certified women’s enterprise providing CO2 products and services for residential and commercial customers in New York in and around Buffalo and Rochester.

Contact Irish Carbonic today to learn more about the CO2 services we can provide for your cannabis business.

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