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Halloween pumpkins

Get Your Dry Ice And Have A FaBOOlous Halloween

We all have that neighbor that goes all out on Christmas – you know, those Grizwold wannabees whose house you can see from space in satellite photos. Sadly, you may never get to be that neighbor (or not so sadly, once you see their electric bill) – but that doesn’t mean you can’t own Halloween, with […]

Dry ice for Halloween

How Much Dry Ice Do I Need for Halloween?

If you really want to up the ante on your Halloween displays and parties, there’s nothing better than creating creepy, foggy effects with dry ice. But how much dry ice will you need for this year’s holiday spooktacular, and how do you make that fog effect last as long as possible? Tips For Dry Ice […]

Fun dry ice experiments for kids

Dry Ice Ideas For Kids: What Cool Things Can We Do?

Dry ice is some cool stuff – literally – at -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit. But what you can do with it is even cooler. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide – the gas that makes your drinks fizzy (and the stuff you breathe out when you exhale). Dry ice does a lot of other things, too, […]


Bulk Beverage Syrups For Some Fall Flavor

Tired of serving up the same-old drinks at your Buffalo- or Rochester-area restaurant or bar? We’ve got a sure-fire solution that will add a little flavor to your fall drinks menu: bulk beverage syrups from Irish Carbonic. Irish Carbonic offers a full range of syrups and flavored drinks for just about any container or delivery […]

Beer foam

Why Is My Keg Beer So Foamy? Here Are A Few Ideas

Keg care basics for your bar or restaurant A foamy or stale keg pour is a bartender’s nightmare – and it’s not great for your customers, either. If you want to avoid bad pours and get more life from your kegs, keep in mind the following tips: Let the keg settle after moving it – If […]

Summer weather

Overcoming Summer Dry Ice Blasting Problems

As you might expect, summer weather and dry ice blasting don’t mix very well: hot summer conditions here in Buffalo and Rochester can make it difficult to protect the integrity of your dry ice supply, not to mention keeping cool the air needed to cleanly propel the dry ice chips during the blasting process. To […]

Dry ice

How Long Will Dry Ice Last?

With a little planning and a few blocks of dry ice, you can bring your favorite frozen foods just about anywhere – even on a summer camping trip. But how long will that dry ice last? As you might know, dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide, the same gas that we breathe) does an amazing job at […]

Drink recipes

Frozen Summer Drink Recipes for Your Buffalo or Rochester Restaurant or Bar

Summertime is a fun time if you’re a bartender or restaurant owner in Buffalo or Rochester: you get to concoct beverages that you probably couldn’t serve at any other time of the year. From daiquiris, margaritas and mojitos to smoothies virgin and otherwise, this is the time to get creative with your frozen drinks. Need […]

Draft beer dispensing system

Parts of a Draft Beer Dispensing System

If you are looking to install a draft beer dispensing system in your Buffalo- or Rochester-area bar or restaurant, it’s easy enough to hire a professional to do the job (and we strongly recommend that you do just that). But while you’re doing that, it’s also a good idea to study how your draft beer […]

Flight of beers

Save the Date: Buffalo Brew Fest Coming June 22nd!

Beer making is an art – as many of our Irish Carbonic Beer Division customers can attest. The question is, where is the best gallery to compare those delectable creations? As it happens, Buffalo NY is the perfect place to ogle and imbibe the best brews, thanks to The New York State Brewers Association and the […]

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